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Innovative Plant Solutions



Since the founding of our small business in 2018, we’ve grown accustomed to working with companies of all sizes, and providing our plant products to retailers nationwide. Our goal is to deliver quality, sustainable goods that help people grow healthy plants.  Our flagship product is instant plant food™.  Collaborations with the CA Dept. of Food & Agriculture as well as several universities help make this business thrive.


Where the Passion Begins



Jeff comes from a long line of farmers and worked as an award winning landscaper for over a decade.  He has established and maintained organic garden plants at over 100 sites from asparagus to zucchini, from mushrooms to hops.  He is active in seed saving, composting and even crop sharing programs and has been featured in several publications for his leadership in the urban agriculture movement.  At Instant Biologics®, Jeff works on product design and is the operational manager.  His goal is to ensure customers receive exactly what they need in a timely manner.  Jeff has dual degrees in biology and business and is also a general contractor.  For fun and exercise, Jeff hikes and swims in the ocean and of course enjoys spending lots of time with his loving family.

Instagram: @jeff.h.robbins



Ari was raised with a garden which inspired his education and a career path in landscape architecture.  For years, Ari's knowledge of plants and understanding of their place in both a natural or urban environment, has contributed to the installation of hundreds of sustainable landscapes that save water, protect habitat, and even help people grow their own organic food.  At Instant Biologics®, Ari manages outreach to customers and community as well as consults on product design.  Ari has a degree in plant science, is a landscape architect and is also an advisory board member for the Southwestern College Horticulture Department.  Ari is an avid surfer and spends time playing in his own garden with his family, and he enjoys cooking too.

Instagram: @ari_tbaum



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San Diego, CA 92110

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