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Instant Biologics® was founded by a team of bioentrepreneurs to propel environmental sustainability and corporate profitability.

LLC, Limited Liability Company
Patent Law


Filed first series of patents and trademarks.

Launched first product, Instant™ Plant Food, a self-dissolving houseplant fertilizer tablet transforming a traditionally liquid product into a lightweight, waterless concentrate that you add to your OWN water.


Expanded into new product categories such as beverage, household (soap, detergent etc.), and pet care. Fast tracked by large retailers.


Achieved carbon neutrality. 

First series of patents and trademarks granted. Filed more patents and trademarks.

Carbon Neutral Company
Winner of Amazon Launchpad Innovation Grant


Winner of Amazon Launchpad Innovation Grant.

Amazon showcased the company in its Innovator’s Conference in Seattle.

Learn more about the Amazon Program!



Instant™ products by Instant Biologics are now sold in over 3,000 brick and mortar stores across the US as well as in Canada, the UK, and several EU countries.

Growth indicators and environmental impact are strong. Instant Biologics is leveraging their technology and IP into other product categories.

International Connection


Jeff Robbins, Founding Partner of Instant Biologics

Jeff Robbins

Founding Partner

An entrepreneur, biochemist, and published sustainability expert, Jeffrey is a visionary with diverse business accomplishments and multiple patents.


After graduating from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business with a focus on Corporate Strategy and Environmental Sustainability, Jeffrey worked in Mergers & Acquisitions at a pharmaceutical device company later acquired by Johnson & Johnson. Following that, while working as a management consultant at Huron Consulting Group, he was instrumental in achieving $200 million in net impact from business process optimization for UCLA, the #1 healthcare provider in the US. 


Jeffrey co-founded Revolution Landscape, a 7-figure, award winning eco-friendly landscape architecture firm, with Ariel Tenenbaum. He has a CSLB B- General Contractor License and C-27 Landscaping License.


Simultaneously, Jeffrey earned an additional degree in biochemistry at Miramar College, where he conceived of the product concept leading to the invention of Instant Plant Food self-dissolving fertilizer tablet technology with Ariel. 


Awarded patents for the delivery mechanism in the effervescent tablet technology, Jeffrey and Ariel launched Instant Biologics, and are actively expanding into other product categories with the tablet technology. Instant Biologics has achieved distribution in over 3,000 doors, including big box and independent accounts, and is in active discussions with potential licensors.


Jeffrey is an outdoor enthusiast who loves to share adventures traveling, hiking, camping, ocean swimming, surfing, sailing and fishing with his wife and sons.

Ari Tenenbaum, Founding Partner of Instant Biologics

Ari Tenenbaum

Founding Partner

Dedicated to sustainability, creating everyday products that make life easier, and giving back to the community, Ariel is an environmental expert, innovator and holder of multiple patents.


Ariel earned a degree in Plant Science from UC Santa Cruz, with an emphasis on sustainability and agroecology. He received the Donald Strauss Scholarship for Public Service for his work developing a gardening and nutrition education program serving disadvantaged high school students.


Ariel co-founded Revolution Landscape, a 7-figure, award winning eco-friendly landscape architecture firm, with Jeffrey Robbins. He went back to school for additional training in landscape design and architecture at Mesa College, and has a Landscape Architects Technical Committee (LATC) License and C-27 Landscaping License. He is a Certified water efficient landscaper and licensed pest control applicator. A sought-after presenter for professional trade associations, schools and non-profit organizations, Ariel frequently speaks on sustainability, landscape architecture, and organic gardening.


With his garage as his first laboratory, Ariel developed and tested the first prototype effervescent fertilizer tablet, co-inventing Instant Plant Food self-dissolving fertilizer tablet technology. Ariel and Jeffrey co-founded Instant Biologics, with growing success, retail and online presence across the US and internationally.


A lover of nature on land and sea, Ariel enjoys surfing, experimenting in his own garden and enjoying the outdoors with his wife and son.

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