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“Doing Well by Doing Good.”
- Ben Franklin

Sustainability is our passion. It has an undeniable impact on our collective ability to survive and thrive, and is at the forefront of every decision we make.

Planet Made of Plastic

By approaching business decisions with this philosophy, we are improving the human experience, the planet, and the bottom line for Instant Biologics and all of our partners.


  • Serious reduction in carbon footprint

  • Less water, less energy, less weight, less packaging, less plastic, less space, fewer carbon emissions

  • Waste reduction, savings, and convenience across the whole supply chain:

  • Source => Shipment => Storage => Shelf => Consumer Use

  • Unwavering focus on Planet, People & Partners


The choices we make in our everyday lives can make a difference.


Earth and Space


Action to curb climate change is imperative. This is in our DNA.

We are committed as a company:

  • 1% for the Planet - We donate 1% of all sales to non-profit organizations that help our planet.

  • We are Neutral - We offset all our company’s carbon emissions.

  • PETA - We guarantee animal and cruelty free ingredients.

  • Terracycle - We offer a recycling solution for what is normally trashed.

  • Climate Partner - We offset all our product’s carbon emissions.

Our innovation has the power to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of the $4 trillion CPG industry:

  • 90% reduction in C02 emissions from manufacturing & shipping

  • Over 438 billion single-use plastic bottles diverted from oceans and landfill

  • 75% less space to store the product, meaning 75% less energy for lighting, temperature control & moisture control

  • Packaging that uses 6x less water & less than half as much fossil fuel to produce

We are in this together. Our patented tablet delivery mechanism makes it easy for people and partners to take action with us.


We care about people – making their lives easier, better and healthier.

Our products, the Instant™ Plant Food line, use sustainably sourced ingredients that occur abundantly in nature. This is important for the well-being of growers, consumers and the land.

Co-Founder Jeff Robbins comes from a long line of farmers. He is active in seed-saving, composting and even crop-sharing programs.

Our tablets are a source of potassium and are sodium free. As we work with partners to expand the applications into different product categories such as beverages, this is yet another key benefit.

Giving back to the community is important to us, and we support many organizations.

People Planting Trees
Image by krakenimages


Creating strong value for our partners is important to us, as is authenticity. We are committed to delivering smart, high-impact solutions that fuel growth. By creating symbiotic relationships, everyone wins. There are many opportunities to partner with Instant Biologics.

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