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Teamwork Fosters Success

Well positioned to provide significant value to partners, the Instant Biologics team has core competencies in multiple areas:

  • Innovative biological & chemical products
  • Patented delivery mechanisms
  • Carbon emissions reduction as it relates to global climate change
  • Environmental Certification & Lifetime Carbon Assessments (LCAs)
  • Low impact / Compact by design packaging
  • Low-tech / Bio-tech Investments
  • Intellectual property
  • Machine & manufacturing line specifications
  • Big box relationships
  • Licensing


Explore exclusive licensing opportunities for incremental revenue and a competitive advantage to build greater market share. 

Our patented innovation is a delivery mechanism that solves problems with traditional liquids and powders. The effervescent tablet transforms chemical and biological water-based products into a compact, lightweight, waterless concentrate that you add to your own water. Positive implications across the supply chain are enormous.

Private Label

If you are a large retailer seeking private label opportunities, contact us to learn more.  We offer many of our branded CPG products in white label format with custom labeling and merchandising options available. Add more of your own retail branded SKUs to your shelves.


Bring the Instant™ brand to your store. Our dissolving tablet products are easier to use and more eco-friendly than traditional products. Offered in both pouch and tube packaging formats, Instant™ products yield far more profit per cubic foot of shelf space, take up less space in storage, reduce freight costs, and offer a number of environmental benefits that can help you meet corporate sustainability goals.​

Better Ingredients, Better Profits, Better Footprint, Better ​Planet

Strategic Partners

Instant Biologics has a vast network of excellent, highly-vetted strategic partners, enhancing our breadth of services:

  • Suppliers

  • Manufacturers

  • Packagers

  • Marketing & Advertising

  • Admin/Legal Services


Investing in Instant Biologics represents a strategic, high-growth opportunity for venture capitalists to reach new markets, support sustainability and drive strong ROI. Contact us to learn more.

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