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What's the Buzz?

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“With tablets, there’s no measuring, no mixing, no mess, and no plastic bottles. It’s just a little tablet that contains everything you need.”

Issued by Digital Journal, November 2022

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“Their formulas contain abundant, naturally occurring minerals, probiotics.”

Issued by FOX 40, November 2022

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“They offset all of their carbon emissions, from manufacturing to shipping.”

Issued by SNN News, Friday, November 18th 2022

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"Having plants at home can boost your mood, creativity, and productivity."

Issued by WFTV 9, October 24, 2022 · Oct 2022

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#1 Best Seller in Amazon Launchpad Innovation Month

Issued by Amazon Launchpad, October 2022 · Oct 2022


"If you need a quick pick-me-up, did you know plants can do the trick?"

Issued by News Channel 9 ABC, Monday, September 19th 2022 · Sep 2022

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Golden Globe Winning Actress Gina Rodriquez highlights Instant Plant Food

Issued by E! Entertainment, SEP 29, 2022 · Sep 2022

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Awarded Amazon Launchpad's 2022 Grant

Issued by Amazon Launchpad · Jul 2022

To help grow our innovations in self-dissolving, water-less tablet concentrates that will make shipping cheaper and reduce carbon emissions.

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"Self-dissolving fertilizer tablets that make feeding indoor plants a breeze!"

Issued by What's Happening With Houseplants, Green Profit Magazine, May 2022 · May 2022

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"From the outdoor plant specialist to indoor houseplant aficionado!"

Issued by Stories & Insights, Canvas Rebel, 4/6/22 · Apr 2022

Union Tribune Logo

"Success with growing a houseplant, connects you with nature, brings you into a community!"

Issued by Partners Simplify Houseplant Care With New Easy-Feed Tablets, San Diego Union Tribune · Nov 2020


Shoutout Socal Logo

"Houseplants offer us a way to connect with nature even in the confines of our homes!"

Issued by Meet Jeff Robbins Co-Founder Instant Biologics, Shoutout Socal, October 2020 · Oct 2020

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